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Sep 20, 2017

Dante Disparte is the CEO and Founder of Risk Cooperative, a risk, capital, and strategy management firm with a primary focus on innovation, market expansion, and mid-market opportunities. Dante is a specialist in risk reduction and strategy by creating and delivering comprehensive risk solutions on a global scale. He was recently selected as one of the Top 40 Leaders Under 40 by the Washington Business Journal and is also the co-author of Global Risk Agility and Decision Making.

 In this episode, Dante will answer the age-old question: Can you be compliant and still be creative? He’ll also share his wisdom when it comes to his “Broker Credo” and the four forces that govern insurance businesses.

 “There has to be a real acceptance of failure for imagination to thrive.” –Dante Disparte

 Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • What is risk cooperative?
  • Can our heavily regulated insurance industry have room for innovation?
  • The four forces that govern the way you operate an insurance business.
  • Why is regulation and compliance so important?
  • How does ethics and imagination come into play when it comes to compliance?
  • Are regulation and imagination tradeoffs?
  • How ethics applies to insurance businesses.
  • What is the "Broker Credo"?
  • Is it possible to be imaginative, but not lose the regulation, compliance, and ethics?

 Key Takeaway:

  • You start to really harm your opportunity to grow a company in this business if you don't         anchor it from the very beginning in a platform that is regulated and compliant.
  • The people with whom you trade are your first and last line of defense in this type of industry.

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