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Sep 26, 2017

Joel Leviton is an intellectual property attorney and is part of Stinson Leonard Street, a company whose goal involves providing services on litigations and sophisticated transactions to both individual and large companies. Joel in particular helps brand-oriented companies protect, create, and develop their good brands. He makes sure his clients are guided with expert hands when it comes to trademark and copyright laws in the United States and across the globe. Because of this, he is considered an expert in handling trademark, copyright, and domain name disputes.

 In this episode, Joel joins us to talk about how to protect and properly use brands and other intellectual property considerations. He’ll also share the different types of intellectual property and give a brief description on their similarities, differences, and the laws that govern them.

“Intellectual Property ownership can really put a business at a competitive advantage.” –Joel Leviton

 Today on Spot On Insurance: 

 The five different types of intellectual properties that exist.

  • Copyright issues most businesses will run into.
  • Can copyright apply to a compilation of different information?
  • Unique areas of copyright that apply to business.
  • Can copyright apply to ratings and scores?
  • The difference between trademarks and copyright.
  • Benefits of registering your trademark.
  • What business owners need to be mindful of when it comes to trademarks.
  • Why words are preferred from a legal standpoint when making a comparison.
  • What businesses need to keep in mind when making claims.
  • What is "puffery" and why it doesn't have to be supported.
  • How effective is legal action in stopping copyright and trademark infringement?
  • What you need to file a copyright lawsuit.

 Key Takeaway:

  • Your trademark is really a symbol of your reputation.
  • A shirt is a shirt, but the right trademark can make it more marketable and profitable.
  • When you own the copyright, you have exclusive rights to make copies of the copyright at work, revive it and create derivative works.

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