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Feb 19, 2019

Our podcast has grown so much more than a program about insurance regulators, attorneys, and companies. We’ve landed some of the most amazing individuals in and outside the country that even we couldn’t believe how far we’ve come. And to celebrate the success of our podcast, we’ve decided to have some of ILSA’s core management team as our guests for episode 100!

In this episode, we discuss how the industry has changed over the years and what we can all look forward to - not just ILSA, but the insurance industry as a whole. The team shares their previous careers before joining ILSA, what it was like at first, and the lessons they learned from the company. They explain the technical side of licensing and regulations and some of the consequences for non-compliance. They share great tips for newcomers as well as describe why ILSA is such a unique company to work for.

“Never settle for the initial training you receive. Always have a mindset of being an asset to the company.”  - Kristy Roberts

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • The team's professional background before they joined ILSA.
  • How the insurance industry evolved over the last 20 years.
  • Where ILSA is right now with new and emerging technologies.
  • Paying fees and submitting reports according to state regulations.
  • Placing policy coverage in surplus lines and some of its requirements.
  • Changing tax ID numbers and why it's a pain point.
  • Different types of Zero reports and their individual purpose.
  • Changing corporate structures and how it affects licensing.
  • Common cybersecurity issues and how each state handles them.
  • Tactics hackers use to get to corporate computers.
  • What newcomers need to do to become successful in this industry.
  • What makes ILSA such a great place to work

Key Takeaways:

  • Most businesses don't look at the licensing ramifications and expenses that go behind changing a corporate structure.
  • Blockchain is set to revolutionize the industry in ways many business owners can’t imagine.
  • Every state has different regulations about when a report is due or how you should pay fees.

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