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Nov 12, 2019

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Maksymilia Wandel and Jakub Dryjas are both part of Tensorflight. Tensorflight is a platform that provides instant and automated commercial property inspections powered by AI. Maksymilia is the Head of Key Account Management and holds two law degrees, which she obtained from the University of Miami and the University of Warsaw. Jakub is the Head of Growth and an experienced B2B Marketing Specialist, HR Consultant, and Sales Manager.

Maksymilia and Jakub join us today to share what Tensorflight is, how it works, and how insurance companies can benefit from their technology. They share their journey and experience in the insurance industry, how they met, and what prompted the founding of Tensorflight. They discuss the key differences in regulatory standards between Europe and the United States as well as why their main clients are American. Maksymilia and Jakub also explain how their technology gathers and interprets data in real-time.

“It’s not only the fact that you need to have complete and correct data, but it’s also about the time.” - Jakub Dryjas

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Jakub's and Maksymilia's journey and how they got their start in insurance.
  • Becoming part of Tensorflight and developing the technology.
  • Why it was difficult to study law in the US versus Germany.
  • How Jakub and Maksymilia met and began working together.
  • The reason they started Tensorflight and why they chose to invest in property data.
  • How Tensorflight works and how they work with clients.
  • How the data they gather can be used by insurance and real estate companies.
  • Regulatory hurdles in different countries and their compliance practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Employers are now valuing experience over education, so don't wait until you graduate to get hands-on experience.
  • The current underwriting process takes too much time, and companies are losing clients.
  • Persistence is necessary for startups.

Connect with Jakub Dryjas and Maksymilia Wandel:

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