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Dec 31, 2019

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Rick Fox is the Vice President of Agency Associations and Networks at Vertafore, a company that offers software solutions to insurance companies large and small. The programs they developed are used every day by thousands of insurance agencies and carriers across 23 states. Rick previously left the company in 2014 to work on several projects, among them the Agency Revolution, where he held the position of President. In addition to what his position entails, Rick is also the host of Vertafore’s official podcast.

Rick joins us today to discuss what Vertafore is about, the services they offer, and the tools they developed for insurance agencies. He shares how he stumbled into his career in the insurance industry and how his company helps insurance agencies and carriers grow their business. He discusses how technology has impacted the insurance industry, why it’s either technology-driven or consumer-driven, and what insurance agencies need to focus on to enhance their company’s growth. He also discusses the Reference Connect and Risk Match platforms and how they help agencies and carriers diversify and grow their businesses.

“The biggest changes have come with the advancement of technology and the use of technology.” - Rick Fox

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • How Rick stumbled into insurance.
  • Developing a fondness for coaching and volunteerism.
  • What Vertafore is and what his position entails.
  • Why he returned to working with Vertafore.
  • The changes he's noticed in the independent agent industry.
  • Why the biggest changes in insurance are technology and consumers.
  • The strategies he used to grow his businesses.
  • What agencies are not doing enough that slows growth.
  • Using tools and data to build a business strategy.
  • Great business practices for agencies to implement this new year.
  • Reference Connect, Risk Match, and what these two platforms do.
  • Why he was chosen to host the company's podcast.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you found something that can really change the way your office runs, do it. Get into it.
  • Using data can give your business the right kind of leverage during the planning stage.

Resources Mentioned:

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