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Mar 13, 2018

Matt Dietz is a Farmers Insurance agent and the owner of the Dietz Agency, a full-service agency that currently has over 4,000 policies and two full-time licensed employees. His agency offers a variety of insurance coverages including personal, home, auto, commercial, and life and health lines. He also hosts two insurance related podcasts: None of My Business, where he interviews guests and experts, and Simply Explaining Insurance, a one-man show where he discusses some of the more personal aspects of insurance.

In this episode, Matt shares the wisdom he’s learned in trying to scale his business and explains why bigger is not always better when it comes to running an efficient agency. He shares his poor experiences in scaling his business, why it failed, and his takeaway. He also explains how he runs his agency, his qualifications for hiring employees, and a few of his marketing techniques on social media.

“The caliber of the person you hire will dictate how much work you can do and how much business you can write.” – Matt Dietz

Today on Spot On Insurance: 

  • How he runs a 4,000-policy agency with only two full-time staff.
  • Why having a "sky is the limit" mentality is not always good.
  • Why his first attempt at scaling failed.
  • How he eventually found the right people to help his company grow.
  • What is the Power Hour? How does it work?
  • How does his business thrive with just two staff members?
  • How he markets his business through Facebook.

Key Takeaway:

  • Finding the right people is the toughest part of the job.
  • Non-verbal communication is important during the interview process.
  • Paying more and expecting more is the first step for giving good service.

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