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Feb 18, 2020

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Chester “Chet” Gladkowski is in charge of Customer Development at GoKnown, a company that describes itself as the next chapter in distributed ledger innovation and offers products and services that utilize blockchain technology. Chet is a recognized leader in insurance and IT, with extensive experience in providing strategic and practical insights. Some of his specialties include general technology trends, motivational topics, and insurance-related business and technology.

Chet joins us today to share how insurance companies should choose which tech to adapt into their organization. He describes how he found a career in insurance, how it changed his “boring” perspective of it, and why he considers it a noble industry. He explains what GoKnown can do and how they use blockchain to support their services. Chet also discusses why insurance companies will be at a turtle’s pace when it comes to choosing which new technology to use.

“The technology should match and follow the direction of the business.”- Chet Gladkowski

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Chet's journey, his extensive career, and why he didn't become a teacher.
  • The reason he joined the insurance industry.
  • The funny story of why he wrote about Popeye's and Insurtech.
  • How companies should choose technologies to fit their market.
  • Blockchain and how it became the talk of the insurance industry.
  • What legacy blockchain is and why it's not good for large companies.
  • The problem with Bitcoin security and maintaining value.
  • What the GoKnown company stands for and their focus.
  • The benefits of working with their company and how they work with blockchain tech.
  • Why the insurance industry specifically will take their time adapting to new technologies.
  • Chet’s advice to those who are seeking gurus in the industry.
  • Why insurance is one of the most noble industries to work with.

Key Takeaways:

  • In insurance, it's all about people.
  • There's no legal tender associated with Bitcoin.
  • Adopting technology can be a struggle and you will have bumps in the road.

Resources Mentioned:

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