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Mar 10, 2020

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Zain Hasan is the Managing Director of Risk Strategies, a brokerage that provides risk management consultancy and insurance services. Zain is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in employee benefits. His success is attributed to his passion for fixing the broken healthcare system that is deeply embedded in the health insurance brokerage industry. As Managing Director, his responsibilities include reducing their total cost of risk as well as outsourcing every risk management activity.  

Zain joins us to share his journey of becoming a serial entrepreneur and what eventually led him to start his first company. He describes his journey from childhood to becoming the professional he is today, why he sold his first company, and the contingencies he put in place. Zain also discusses how his family influenced his decisions and why you should always have an advisory board if you can afford it.

“Passion comes from practice.” - Zain Hasan

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • What Zain's life was like growing up and the various hobbies, sports, and volunteer programs he participated in.
  • When he decided to work in insurance and when it took off.
  • The story involving a big account, a job interview, and their first client.
  • Zain’s ideas on how he can improve healthcare costs.
  • Why he decided to sell his first company and how it was sold.
  • The criteria he considered when he sold his first company and how he benefited from selling it.
  • How his family affected his business decisions.
  • The kind of people he wants to work with.
  • His thoughts on having an advisory board.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can triple your money investing in private equity in five years if they're the right investment pieces.
  • Having two people who have experience can save you from years of lost money and poor decisions.
  • Without capital, you don't have the luxury of investing for two years to try to win a client.

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