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Mar 24, 2020

Apple Podcasts Rate and Review for SpotOn

Tara Kelly is the President and CEO of SPLICE Software Incorporated. SPLICE is a program that improves customer engagement by automating messages and workflows and managing privacy, consent, and preferences in one platform. Tara is also the author of Our Journey To Corporate Sanity, where she highlights the craziness of valuing profit over well-being and how leaders can provide a humane working environment for their team.

Tara joins us today to share how SPLICE can improve the way companies engage with their customers. She shares how her interest and fascination about programming began at an early age and she decided to create SPLICE. She discusses her book, what it is about, and what readers can learn from it. Tara also shares the one new technology she looks forward to being applied more in the insurance industry. 

“Just do what you love and show up as you.” - Tara Kelly




Today on Spot On Insurance:


  • How Tara achieved a well-accomplished career and her journey to success.
  • What fascinated her about programming as a young child.
  • The reason she started SPLICE and how it works.
  • What an average SPLICE customer looks like.
  • How SPLICE can integrate into our lives and make it easier.
  • What her book Our Journey To Corporate Sanity is about and the lessons readers can learn from it.
  • A new technology she's looking forward to seeing in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • The internet is a vast place of information and people can be easily misled into using it for the wrong purposes. 

Connect with Tara Kelly:

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