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Sep 29, 2020

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Margaret Spence is the Founder and CEO of C. Douglas & Associates, a risk management company that provides affordable injury management solutions and services to clients struggling with complex claims management. Some of the claims they handle include HR Compliance, Disability Management, Workers Compensation, and OSHA Compliance. Margaret is also the founder of The Employee to CEO Project, a coaching company that caters to women who want to advance their careers to C-Suite roles. Margaret is the author of the book Leadership Self-Transformation: 52 Career-Defining Questions Every High-Achieving Woman Must Answer, a career management model for women who aspire for higher positions in any industry.

Margaret joins us today to share what inspired her passion for risk management and her thoughts on the female role in today’s corporate America. She describes her childhood experience while growing up in the Bronx, what it was like to move to Jamaica as a high school student, and why she returned to the US for higher education. She describes what her day-to-day was like when she ran her company while still being an employee. Margaret also discusses what her company can do for organizations that have complex risk management problems and shares how the pandemic has made their job more relevant.

"Learn everything. Don't get caught up in the job title; get caught up in the skills." - Margaret Spence

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Margaret's childhood experience in the Bronx and the different schools she went to.
  • How the pandemic affected Margaret's personal life and her business.
  • Margaret's time in Jamaica as a student and why she returned to the US.
  • The various skills Margaret garnered throughout her career in the insurance industry.
  • How Margaret started and ran her company while she was still employed.
  • The wisdom Margaret received from working with different brokers.
  • Winning clients by providing services in the form of professional advice.
  • Mitigating the company's risks starting with the time someone is hired.
  • The services and functions their company offers the industry.
  • How they help hospital systems retool and reinvent their workers’ compensation program.
  • How obese patients cause injuries to hospital workers within their stay.
  • The difference between ‘the human’ and ‘the risk’ part of risk management.
  • How the pandemic enabled C. Douglas & Associatesto promote TeleMed better.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t always have to use data efficiently, but you always have to have it regardless.
  • Don’t get blinded by what your job title says and focus more on what you can learn from your responsibilities.
  • You have to look at both the human and risk parts of risk management.

Connect with Margaret Spence:

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