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Nov 10, 2020

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JoAnn Del Gatto is the Vice President of Education and Compliance at The Surplus Lines Association of California, and Joyce King is ILSA’s Special Project Administrator. Joyce King has worked with ILSA since 2005, specializing in surplus lines tax filing requirements. JoAnn also serves as a Regulatory Risk and Compliance Consultant with Custom Compliance Solutions, a company based in the Greater New York City region, helping businesses with everything from reporting and filing services and identifying automation opportunities to developing best practices and mergers and acquisitions.

Joyce and JoAnn join us again today to share how you can properly vet your staff to determine if they are a good fit to be part of your organization. They discuss the questions you should ask during the interview, some of the notable traits to watch for on their first day, and how you can help them with the onboarding process. Joyce explains how ILSA handles the onboarding process and JoAnn discusses the importance of knowing the money expected by the applicant. They also share advice for professionals on what they can do to have an edge this year.

"Make sure you are on the same page with salary. If you're not, it's probably not going to be a good fit." - JoAnn Del Gatto

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Why they incorporated a culture of fitness into their work setting.
  • The projects ILSA has been busy with this year.
  • Their qualifications and how they interview for staff and management positions.
  • What JoAnn believes interviewers should have prepared before interviewing applicants.
  • The onboarding process at ILSA and the ILSA Bootcamp.
  • JoAnn's formula for bringing in a new member who may be familiar with how the company runs.
  • Why note-taking can determine if a newcomer will last in the company.
  • The growth programs companies can offer employees to retain them.
  • Companies that are bolstering their focus on having a diverse organization.
  • JoAnn’s and Joyce's advice for professionals who want to improve their skills before the year ends.

Key Takeaways:

  • Networking will be the best thing you can do before the year ends.
  • For the beginning of the year in surplus lines, get ready. Because that's when all those reports are due.
  • For new hires, note-taking can be the difference between becoming a regular and being sent home.

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