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Nov 17, 2020

Apple Podcasts Rate and Review for SpotOn

Kate Erickson is a Creator, Engager, and implementer at Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award-winning podcast that interviews inspiring entrepreneurs with a purpose of helping listeners along their entrepreneurial journey. Their company also offers podcasting services and provides online training courses as well as a few freebies to help new members get started. Kate also hosts the DItch Busy podcast, dedicated to helping listeners with their time management skills.

Kate joins us to discuss how exciting the podcast industry is and what newcomers should consider before getting started. She describes how she discovered a career as a podcast host and what it was like after she left the corporate world. She explains what her podcast setup looks like and why she barely changed it over the years in this industry. Kate also explains how their group, Podcasters Paradise, can help both seasoned and new podcasters grow their shows and shares with actionable tips for those who want to start their own podcast today.

"Starting a podcast does not have to be difficult." - Kate Erickson

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • The fears Kate had when leaving the corporate world to dive into entrepreneurship.
  • Why podcasting is growing at such a rapid rate.
  • Debunking the myths regarding starting a podcast.
  • Why being consistent can translate to more clicks and listening time.
  • Investing on a podcast and how you can generate revenue.
  • What we enjoy about hosting a podcast.
  • What people should expect if they want to start a podcast.
  • Examples of unique podcasters.
  • Podcasters Paradise and the support their company provides.
  • Types of podcasts that may get a lot of attention today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Starting your own podcast doesn’t have to involve spending money on high-end equipment.
  • Being a niche show in this industry will separate you from those that try to be everything.
  • Podcasting will introduce you to so many people which you can learn from beyond hosting podcasts.

Connect with Kate Erickson:

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