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Jan 5, 2021

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Natalie Siston is an inspirational speaker, leadership coach, and author of Let Her Out, a book that introduces the story of her life, journey, and the moments that inspired her to become a coach. Natalie’s unique style of coaching stems from her experience growing up in a town of 600 people, where everyone knew each other by name and helped each other in life. When she’s not coaching, she also teaches and mentors at The Ohio State University, her two-time alma mater.

Natalie joins us to discuss her coaching experience and what sets her apart from other coaches in the industry. She describes the events that led her to insurance and what it was like quitting a stable job in the middle of a pandemic to focus on entrepreneurship. She explains what readers can expect from her book and its contents. Natalie also shares advice for those who want to test the deep waters of entrepreneurship in 2021.

"Who quits her job in the middle of a pandemic? Someone whose dreams are bigger than her fears." - Natalie Siston

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Natalie's childhood dreams and why she wanted to be in politics.
  • What inspired Natalie to join the insurance industry?
  • How Natalie decided to leave her 9-5 to become an entrepreneur in 2020.
  • The classes aspiring entrepreneurs can take now to help propel their career in 2021.
  • Defining your role in the company and the role for yourself.
  • What red barns symbolize, her memories of them, and why she used them in her book.
  • What she offers clients as a coach and what readers can learn from her book.
  • How Natalie presented her own keynote and why she turned it into a book.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coaches need coaches too.
  • Even a small role in a company can have a big impact on its growth.

Connect with Natalie Siston:

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