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Feb 9, 2021

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SOI203 - Healing American Healthcare


Edward Eichhorn is the President of Medilink Consulting Group, a company that provides sales, strategic planning, and marketing advice for medical service and imaging businesses all over the country. Their company spearheaded the Healing American Healthcare Coalition to make sure healthcare professionals are always informed with the business and research side of the COVID Pandemic. Edward is also an author and the man behind the book, Healing American Healthcare, where he talks about how the country can transition to a universal healthcare system while also reducing national healthcare costs.


Edward joins us to discuss the current healthcare crisis in the US and his universal healthcare proposal that has virtually no drawbacks. He shares stats and facts regarding healthcare in other countries and how the US compares. He explains why Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All Bill could be bad for healthcare professionals and shares when he thinks the world will go back to a pre-COVID state. Edward also describes what readers can expect from reading his book and how it can help their healthcare finances.




"We have to rebalance healthcare once we get past this terrible pandemic.” - Edward Eichhorn




Today on Spot On Insurance:


  • Edward's career path and why he joined the healthcare industry.
  • How the US compares to other countries in terms of its healthcare systems.
  • The ramifications of not having a universal healthcare system.
  • Medical expenses and how it affects the number of people who declare bankruptcy.
  • What it means to win the healthcare lottery.
  • Healthcare options for the United States.
  • Why Medicare For All would be detrimental to healthcare workers.
  • How Americans truly feel about changing health insurance models.
  • Why the current system is difficult to fix.
  • How the pandemic affected the healthcare industry.
  • What readers can expect from his book and how it can help their healthcare finances.
  • What the country can do to prepare against another pandemic.
  • When Edward believes the world will go back to a pre-COVID normal.
  • Which of the COVID vaccines currently available should people take?



Key Takeaways:


  • The United States is the only one among developed nations that doesn't have a universal healthcare system.
  • If we could harness healthcare and make it a right instead of a privilege, it would also improve our nation's economic activity.
  • When competition gets to a point of oligopoly, then the opportunity to compete on price goes away.



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