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Feb 23, 2021

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Ryan Stewman is the CEO of Hardcore Closer, a company that helps elite salespeople to elevate their sales game through new technologies and automated sales processes. He is the Founder of the Break Free Academy, a network of entrepreneurs and business owners who want to become elite salespeople in their respective industries. He is a contributing author to media outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post and the bestselling author of multiple books, including GCode: How to Stay Super Focused in a World Full of Distractions and Hardcore Closer, a book that describes the many setbacks Ryan experienced before finally stumbling on the path that led to his success. Ryan is also the host of The Hardcore Closer Podcast, one of the world’s longest-running sales podcasts.

Ryan joins us today to share his story of growing up in an abusive home and serving time in prison to becoming a motivational speaker, business owner, and 4-time bestselling author. He highlights the lessons he has learned about business while working at a carwash in his youth, how his career pivoted from washing cars to working in the banking industry, and how serving jail time has affected his personal and professional life. We discuss why many salespeople have the wrong mindset about cold-calling and what they should do to become more efficient and effective. We also discuss Ryan’s inspiration to become a motivational speaker, his Hardcore Closer Program, and how his company helps sales professionals become the best-of-the-best in their industry.

"Most people have mentally tricked themselves into sticking to what works. It’s effective… but it’s not efficient." - Ryan Stewman

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Ryan's work ethic and how it all started in a carwash.
  • What Ryan learned during his time in prison.
  • How Ryan’s career shifted from washing cars to working in the banking industry.
  • Ryan's mindset after serving time in prison.
  • How Ryan found the inspiration to become a motivational speaker.
  • Ryan's opinions on cold calls and their efficacy and efficiency.
  • The struggle between power and force regarding cold-call sales
  • What professionals can learn from Ryan's Hardcore Closer Program.
  • The goal of Ryan’s company and how they empower their clients to be better leaders.
  • Exercises you can do to envision an elite version of yourself.
  • Ryan's daily routine and how it can help you to be more focused.
  • What their slogan "Do the work despite” means.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do the work every day that can bring you success long-term.
  • Don’t focus on how fast you can win big, but how you can win every day.

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