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Aug 10, 2021

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Dennis Logan Jr. is Cyber Safety Architects’ Chief Architect. Cyber Safety Architects (CSA) is an independent cyber insurance agency. Just as their name implies, Dennis and his team specialize in cybersecurity and cyber coverage. They don’t just offer cyber insurance, but also analyze business exposures and educate organizations on how to prevent an attack and what they should do if they fall victim to one. Before starting CSA, Dennis worked as an underwriter and broker at various insurance companies.

Dennis joins us to discuss what business owners should know regarding their cyber policies' fine print. He describes what made him decide to work in insurance and why he decided to start CSA. He discusses some of the common ways hackers get inside business systems and why your team members will always be the most vulnerable entry points. He explains the difference between getting private data before smartphones and how it is easier today. Dennis also shares tips and tools he recommends to vastly improve private or professional cyber security.

"Once something becomes a mainstream way of security, that's when things start to get hacked." - Dennis Logan Jr.

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Where Dennis he grew up, and how he joined the insurance industry
  • When Dennis’ entrepreneurial spirit made him realize what he really wanted to do
  • Why Dennis prefers to learn something that's not in a book
  • How the pandemic changed the way marketing was conducted
  • The most essential cybersecurity coverage
  • What can be classified as a tech interruption event
  • How can a company prevent cybersecurity attacks and their options during one
  • How many companies have their own cybersecurity team
  • Why Dennis chose to leave his previous companies
  • How hackers often work to get company information and data
  • The difference between cyber vulnerability before smartphones and today
  • What Dennis recommends when it comes to creating passwords
  • Examples of phishing emails that may look legitimate to the untrained eye
  • The fine print and policies business owners should be aware of
  • The tools Dennis recommends that can significantly improve cybersecurity
  • What Dennis looks forward to in the future
  • How ILSA helped Dennis get a jump start in the industry

Key Takeaways:

  • The last thing you want to do is to have to rely on your LinkedIn network to find an IT provider who will help you immediately for a cost that's going to be reasonable.
  • Even if you're not the C-Suite or the IT person, you're still logged into a system in some way.

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