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Aug 17, 2021

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Daven Michaels is the CEO of 123Employee, a world leader in business outsourcing that provides small and large companies with virtual assistants from the Philippines. Their virtual assistants are trained to be the best in social media, internet marketing, telemarketing, and customer service. Daven specializes in business strategy consulting, marketing solutions, and social media marketing and sales. Before founding 123Employee, Daven worked in the music industry as an event producer, chief financial officer, and writer. 

Daven joins us to describe how 123Employee enables business leaders to get more done with less time and money. He shares his career in music, what 80’s fashion was like, and his success story that involved a cricket and Jack Nicholson. He explains where the name 123Employee came from and the services his virtual assistants offer. He discusses why he chose the Philippines for business outsourcing and why he initially hesitated opening an office in Manila, its capital. Daven also shares how the pandemic negatively affected his business initially and how, in hindsight, it made his business grow.

"If you're looking to outsource, what you want to start with is identifying the income generating activities in your business." - Daven Michaels

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Daven's life before entrepreneurship and the time he worked with different bands
  • What the '80s fashion was like
  • Daven's cricket story and the entrepreneurial success that came after
  • Daven's thoughts on how luck factors into a person's success
  • The different business ventures Daven went into before his outsourcing company took off
  • Why the term "outsourcing" was a taboo word back in the early days of 123Employee
  • Why being first to market isn't always good.
  • Daven's advice to those who want to start their own business
  • The clients and companies 123Employee caters to
  • Why Daven chose to utilize Filipino talent 
  • How the pandemic helped his business flourish
  • Where the name 123Employee came from 
  • What the outsourcing process looks like with freelancers and agencies

Key Takeaways:

  • In the face of adversity, small businesses innovate.
  • You can take a shortcut to success by learning from those who walked the same path you’re walking.
  • Don’t expect your VA to teach you how to run your business.

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