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Sep 21, 2021

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Erik Mitisek is the CEO of Highwing, the first open data platform for commercial insurance. They provide brokers new and innovative tools that can improve the process while enhancing the customer experience. Erik is also the host of the Zoom Into Insurance podcast, a show that brings insurance professionals together to discuss the many innovations in the industry and the future of insurance. 

Erik joins us to discuss how Highwing’s open data platform puts them ahead of the competition. He describes what it was like growing up in Colorado and why he focused on establishing a company in the insurance industry. He explains how open data architecture works, the benefits of having an open data platform in your company, and shares his thoughts on how the industry will function after the pandemic. Erik also describes what it’s like to host his own podcast about insurance and how a company’s leadership impacts its ability to thrive.

"If we all collectively build towards a common set of standards and outputs, the ability for systems, people, and markets to connect not only becomes scalable - it becomes exponential." - Eric Mitisek

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Eric's educational degree and why he never really left Colorado
  • Why Eric's entrepreneurial spirit brought him to insurance
  • The problem Eric wanted to address when he started his company
  • The platform HighWing offers and how it works through open data architecture
  • How open data platforms can speed up innovation and efficiency
  • The complex nature of insurance and the new systems that can make it simpler
  • What the future of insurance will look like if open data platforms become mainstream
  • Eric's thoughts on how the insurance industry will function post-pandemic
  • Defining leadership and how it makes a company thrive and accelerate
  • Why the industry is having difficulty embracing technological innovations over legacy systems
  • What Eric does outside of HighWing to support the Colorado citizens
  • How API can connect everything in the world
  • Thoughts on the upcoming InsurTech Connect conference

Key Takeaways:

  • Old and new insurance companies should be comfortable with taking more risks regarding the use of new systems and tools.
  • The largest CRM platform in the world, SalesForce, is rooted deeply in connectivity and application infrastructure.

Resources Mentioned:

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