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Sep 28, 2021

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Dustyne Bryant is an independent insurance agent advocate and licensed insurance agent. She is the Personal Lines Academic Director for The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, one of the country’s best sources of continuing education credits for insurance and risk management professionals. Dustyne is also the host of the Awkward Insurance podcast, a show that talks about the everyday struggles of those in the field.

Dustyne joins us to discuss the benefits of pursuing continuing education and how to separate yourself from those who take the same CE courses that everyone else takes. She shares how her passion for personal conversations led her to find success in the insurance industry and the benefits of obtaining multiple designations. She explains how their company markets to high school students to generate interest in working in the insurance industry. Dustyne also shares her experience as a podcast host and what inspired the name of her show.

"The best situation for our industry is growth and being able to look ahead." - Dustyne Bryant

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • How Dustyne wound up working in the insurance industry
  • Why Dustyne knew being a nurse was not her path
  • How her passion for personal conversations helped her find success in insurance
  • Dustyne's advice for agents regarding their CEs
  • Why you shouldn't take the easiest path in your CEs
  • The subscription to the National Alliance for Education & Research and the courses they offer
  • The benefits of having multiple designations in insurance
  • How Dustyne’s company markets to high school students
  • Dustyne's advice to insurance agencies who are looking to expand through employment
  • Dustyne's thoughts on previous hard markets and the one we have right now
  • What it's like hosting a podcast and why it's called Awkward Insurance

Key Takeaways:

  • CEs can be used to market yourself to the world.
  • Having the same designations as the next agent won’t help you stand out.

Connect with Dustyne Bryant:

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