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Oct 5, 2021

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Lindsay Corran is the Creative Director at GeoVera, an insurance company that markets to catastrophe-exposed properties and areas focusing on earthquakes. As Creative Director, Lindsay is tasked to align creative vision with their company’s business strategies, especially for property and casualty insurance brands. Lindsay’s been with GeoVera for almost 22 years (since 1999), but her first job was for a company that made her their go-to operator for all concerns related to the infamous Y2K Bug.

Lindsay joins us to discuss how she bridges the gap between the regular consumer and the complexities of getting earthquake insurance. She shares her previous work with managing a “Y2K Data Desk” in 1999 and why she didn’t like working in insurance at the time. She describes how living in California made her curious about earthquake insurance and explains how agents are in danger of being eliminated as more companies are leaning towards direct-to-consumer programs. Lindsay also discusses how her social media skills have generated GeoVera a considerable following.

"In social media, people don't want to follow companies, they want to follow people. And they want to engage with people." - Lindsay Corran

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Lindsay's career in the late '90s and her journey towards the insurance industry
  • Lindsay's work as the manager of the Y2K Data Desk
  • How Lindsay's parents made her pay for rent when she was a student
  • The lessons Lindsay learned from the way her parents made life a bit hard for her
  • How living in California made Lindsay become more interested in earthquake insurance
  • Why Lindsay initially didn't like the idea of working for an insurance company
  • What is the "disruption of distribution," and how it's about removing the agents
  • What their company did to help keep agents at the forefront of insurance transactions
  • The challenges of innovating in a traditional industry such as insurance
  • The complexities involved in earthquake insurance
  • How Lindsay plans on simplifying earthquake insurance for clients
  • Lindsay's thrifting hobby and how it helps in her career
  • Social media marketing and how Lindsay capitalized on it during the pandemic
  • The new opportunities Lindsay is excited to see in the future of insurance

Key Takeaways:

  • 50% of people don't truly understand what they're buying when they get a homeowner's policy
  • Earthquake insurance can be complex and difficult to wrap your mind around if you don’t go through an agent


Connect with Lindsay Corran:

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