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Nov 9, 2021

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Bill Conners is the CEO of ForMotiv, a company that provides tools capable of delivering real-time user intent scoring by analyzing a customer’s digital behavior when they engage with online applications and forms. As CEO, Bill specializes in sales, market research, marketing strategy, and sales processes. Woody Klemmer is ForMotiv's Head of Growth and is responsible for being on top of the company’s growth strategies. 

Bill and Woody join us to share how ForMotiv can give companies an edge with data gathered from a user’s ‘digital body language.’ They discuss how most communication is non-verbal and how their tool works in understanding a user's motive and intent. They explain the need for understanding digital human behavior in today’s faceless digital interactions. They also describe the different approaches they take when working with foreign countries and their regulatory requirements.

"90% of the human language is body language." - Bill Conners

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Woody's entrepreneurial spirit and how he would describe Bill's sports talent 
  • Why Bill started a career in insurance
  • The body language they analyze with real-time machine learning
  • Reading a person's ‘digital body language’ when applying for insurance
  • How critical is it to capture the customer intent in today's digital industry?
  • Regulatory requirements in the US compared to other countries they work with globally

Key Takeaways:

  • People respect what you inspect.
  • Only 2% of life insurance policies are online. There’s a long way to go as far as direct-to consumer and digital distribution goes.

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