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Jan 11, 2022

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Rahim Rajpar is the CMO & Co-Founder of Plum Life, a company that provides insurance advisors with an innovative platform fitted with tools and other resources to simplify the process of selling insurance. The platform seamlessly integrates everything involved in a transaction, from quoting to application to issue. Plum Life was born in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, capitalizing on the accelerated surge of digital services and online meetings. Rahim is also a thought-leader and speaks on customer engagement and business digital enablement.

Rahim joins us to discuss how Plum Life enhances the customer-advisor experience. We discuss some of his career milestones and the dream that led to the founding of Plum Life. He explains how COVID-19 changed the insurance landscape and what studies currently show on working in a purely online environment. He describes the emotional rollercoaster a customer experiences when looking for and purchasing insurance. Rahim also explains how the Plum Life platform helps insurance advisors with the follow-up process.

"We need advisors spending less time processing business and more time finding new clients for it." - Rahim Rajpar

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Rahim's childhood in Kenya and when they migrated to Canada
  • Pursuing a career in financial services during the tech boom
  • Some of the early roles in Rahim's insurance career
  • How Plum Life started and what they wanted to represent
  • What Plum Life is doing to arm advisors with digital resources
  • Why Rajim considers advisors as customers
  • Tracking the emotional mindset of a customer as they go through the buying journey
  • How their platform helps both advisors and customers
  • The different tools and resources available on the Plum Life platform - especially for the follow-up process
  • The hard work they put into building their platform

Key Takeaways:

  • COVID-19 has accelerated the digital leap in insurance
  • Technology is all about making processes efficient
  • Life insurance, overall, is an amazing business - but it’s going to be a dying business if we don’t adapt.
  • Technology can augment the relationship between an advisor and their client.

Connect with Rahim Rajpar:

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