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Feb 1, 2022

Apple Podcasts Rate and Review for SpotOn

Timothy Partasevitch is the Chief Growth Officer at SMART IT, a custom software and web development company in Minsk, Belarus. The company provides highly customized services tailored for every client, including application development and product engineering services. Timothy is also an expert in digital marketing, providing strategies and consulting for clients in various industries, including InsurTech. 

Timothy joins us to discuss what SMART IT is, how it was founded, and their services. He shares what growing up in Belarus was like and how studying and graduating in the UK influenced his early career trajectory. He explains what Project Rescue is about and how it can make an otherwise bulky and messy internal system more efficient. Timothy also describes his thoughts on the future of blockchain and the technology he thinks will change how we conduct business forever.

"Innovation's not about technology per se, but the delivery system." - Timothy Partasevitch

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Where Timothy grew up and what life was like in Belarus
  • The experience of moving from Belarus to the UK
  • Tim's childhood dreams and why he chose not to pursue them
  • Graduating during BREXIT and being an engineer in Belarus
  • How being fluent in English helped him find a career as a copywriter in Belarus
  • What SMART IT provides to clients
  • The marketing strategies and services he offers to clients in InsurTech
  • How data is used by SMART IT and the different projects they work on
  • What Project Rescue is  and the type of clients that would need it
  • Why old banks have "Frankenstein monsters" of a system
  • How SMART IT was founded and formed the team of experts it currently has
  • Game-changing opportunities available for the insurance industry
  • How blockchain will affect the way we conduct business in the future

Key Takeaways:

  • The technology that empowers the user will be at the forefront of future industry innovations.
  • Blockchain technology is still at its infancy and will likely play a major role in the next big thing, but it won’t be for cryptocurrency.

Connect with Timothy Partasevich:

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