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May 17, 2022

Natasha Pearl Hansen is a comedian, creator, and Guru at GloveBox, an insurance platform solution designed for independent agents to maximize scalability. In addition to working as a Guru at GloveBox, Natasha is a certified comedian and actor with extensive experience in stand-up and directing shows. Natasha used the date of her canceled wedding as an opportunity to produce her first comedy special,” I Was Supposed To Get Married Today…”

Natasha joins us to discuss the life of a comedian, the work involved, and her experience in the entertainment industry. She discusses the people who influenced her humor and how she uses it to form relationships with insurance clients. She explains why she started working with GloveBox and the services it offers. Natasha also shares the purpose of her platform, My Break Up Registry, and what prompted her to create it.

"Development is hard. When you're building things you have to make sure the blocks are built properly, so nothing falls apart underneath." - Natasha Pearl Hansen

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Natasha's career as a comedian and when she joined the insurance industry
  • How humor influences people over manipulation
  • Transitioning from comedy to working for an insurance company
  • What life was like while working as a comedian for a decade
  • Hosting a comedy special the day her wedding was canceled
  • What prompted her to start My Break Up Registry
  • How her business ventures impacted her comedy career
  • Natasha's day-to-day routine as comedian and GloveBox Guru
  • The pain point GloveBox wants to solve. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Humor bridges social gaps faster than manipulation.
  • Struggle can bring out the most creative part of you.