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May 31, 2022

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Stacey Giulianti is the Chief Legal Officer at Florida Peninsula Insurance Company. Founded in 2005, the Florida Peninsula Insurance Company provides comprehensive multi-peril insurance for homeowners at competitive pricing through its extensive network of independent agents. Stacey oversees the company’s Claims, Special Investigations, and Legal Departments. As an attorney, Stacey has also been a member of The Florida Bar and The Maine Bar since 1993 and 2018, respectively.

Stacey joins us to discuss why Florida is a tough market for big carriers and why medium-sized carriers like the Florida Peninsula Insurance Company thrive. He explains why growing up in Florida was exciting and discusses his hobbies and experience as a sports announcer. He explains the difference between the American rule and British rule in litigation and how it affects Florida premiums. Stacey also shares what he wants Florida homeowners to know regarding their state’s lawsuits and those who abuse the system.

"The reason there are more medium-sized carriers in Florida is because it's difficult." - Stacey Giulianti

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Why growing up in Florida as a kid was an exciting time for Stacey
  • Stacey's exposure in sports as an announcer
  • How Stacey joined the insurance industry
  • Why Florida is a state where many carriers don't succeed
  • The unique things in Florida that cause so many companies to fail
  • The difference between the American rule and British rule in lawsuits
  • Claims and other insurance statistics in Florida
  • Managing catastrophe claims in Florida
  • Are Florida homeowners aware they're shouldering frivolous lawsuits

Key Takeaways:

  • Florida represents 8% of the homeowners claims in the country, but 76% of insurance litigation.
  • Many carriers in Florida cannot succeed. The fact that it's difficult for carriers to succeed in Florida makes it conducive for mid-sized carriers over large ones.
  • In 2021, Florida insurance companies had $1.6 billion in underwriting losses.

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