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Jul 5, 2022

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Joshua Rogove is the President of Consolidated Risk Solutions (CR Solutions), a company that administrates insurance wrap-ups. As President, Joshua establishes a client-first, agile culture conducive to innovative thinking. He is a certified Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist and a licensed broker. Before joining the CR Solutions company family, Joshua was AIG’s New York Regional Manager for their Construction Risk Management Group. 

Joshua joins us to describe how wrap-ups work and how they produce revenue. He explains the services CR Solutions offers and why he decided to pursue a career in such a niche industry. Joshua shares what it was like joining a small sector at the height of the 2008 crash and why the company fared better during the pandemic. He also discusses the importance of updating your tools and programs and why you should always connect with your client's specific software. 

"In wrap-ups, unlike traditional insurance that has annual anniversary dates, the insurance carrier and everyone is committing to a multi-year policy period." - Joshua Rogove

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Joshua’s career at AIG
  • Joshua’s hobbies and why he wanted to focus on golf
  • A crash course on wrap-ups
  • Understanding what a wrap-up is in insurance
  • What CR Solutions is and the services they offer
  • Joshua's thoughts on entering a niche environment in 2008
  • The difference between the crash of 2008 and the pandemic
  • How CR Solutions’ services evolved over time
  • The importance of connecting with their client's tools and software
  • Why CRS continues to invest in software

Key Takeaways:

  • A software is only good if it’s always updated.
  • Admin is the most important part of the construction project, but it’s still just part of the process.

Connect with Joshua Rogove:

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