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Sep 6, 2022

Apple Podcasts Rate and Review for Spot On Insurance

Chris Senkbile is the Founder & CEO of Project Ferro, a commercial policyholder platform founded by brokers for brokers. They offer various products and solutions for brokerages, providers, and policyholders with the goal of improving renewal speeds by up to 75%. Chris began his insurance career in 2014 and has been named as one of the Insurance Business America’s Rising Stars in 2020. He is also the VP and Risk Consultant with UNICO Group, an insurance brokerage in Nebraska.

Chris joins us to describe how Project Ferro got started and the problem they want to solve in insurance. He explains how Project Ferro can speed up renewals and help clients be more efficient in processing data. He discusses what it was like to start Project Ferro in the middle of the pandemic and where they expect to see themselves in five years. Chris also shares the number one challenge for brokerages and what sets Project Ferro apart from their competition.

"The more we focus on creating solutions for the policyholder to engage with insurance, the more they get efficient in terms of processing information." - Chris Senkbile

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Chris' life as a country boy driving tractors
  • Why Chris is fond of being active, playing sports, and manual labor
  • How basketball paved the way for Chris to join insurance
  • The origin story of Project Ferro's name
  • What clients praise their company for
  • The number one challenge for brokerages
  • What sets Project Ferro apart from the competition
  • Having a bootstrap mindset as a company
  • Being selected in the Future Fellows Program
  • Where Chris expects Project Ferro to be in five years

Key Takeaways:

  • The true value of a business is client retention.
  • A lot of processes in insurance are repetitive.
  • You have to identify what needs to be fixed in your chosen industry.
  • Clients care about the value you bring, not the amount of paper you push in the brokerage.

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