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Sep 27, 2022

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Mick Hunt is the CEO of Premier Strategy Box, a strategy service provider that provides turn-key solutions for agencies wanting growth, management, and better profitability. He has over 18 years of experience and has successfully provided marketing expertise for various financial and insurance institutions. As CEO, Mick specializes in business development & networking, lead generation & digital platforms, CRMs, databases, agency management systems, and data analytics.

Mick joins us to discuss how leaders should treat their businesses, and how much time and money they should put into strategizing. He explains how having a competitive mindset sets companies up for success. He discusses different marketing strategies and why email campaigns are still good lead sources. Mick also shares the importance of establishing a good and well-executed customer onboarding experience and why it’s critical to deliver pain statements to attract clients.

"You're not in the insurance business; you're in the business of your niche markets." - Mick Hunt

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Where Mick grew up, his favorite sports, and his educational experience
  • Why Mick wanted to work in insurance
  • How much Mick knew about insurance before he joined the industry
  • How a competitive mindset enables business success
  • The challenges Mick faced when he started an agency
  • Why Mick believes producers aren't in the insurance business
  • What Premiere Strategy Box is about and the services they offer
  • The best place to start your marketing campaign
  • The importance of developing producers in your organization
  • What the new customer onboarding experience is all about
  • Learning to deliver pain statements to attract clients

Key Takeaways:

  • If your salespeople aren't competitive, they're not going to make it.
  • Agencies are just doing marketing, but have nothing to do with who their ideal client is.
  • People don’t go out shopping for insurance; they buy it when they need to.
  • Having a mindset of being the best opens the path for success.

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