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Nov 15, 2017

Michael Tracy has spent over ten years in sales leadership, telecommunications, and marketing. He is the founder of Sales Journey, a business that helps small business, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals through their specialized training programs. The goal of their training program is to double their sales in just 90 days by teaching tactics, not strategies. Michael believes the number one cause of business success is high sales, and that the exact opposite, low sales, is the cause of its downfall.  

Today, Michael shares his wisdom regarding the concept of prospect hunting and converting. Having spent much of his life in sales, he seeks to provide advice on how to vet the right prospects, how to improve relationships with them, and how to leverage them for networking purposes. He also shares his top tips for those who are either looking to get started or for those who are just not having any luck with their prospects. 

“For every day you prospect you get 90 days of benefit.” – Michael Tracy 

Today on Spot  On  Insurance:  

  • How do you find more prospects? 
  • Getting people to set up appointments with you. 
  • What is the “Three Sales Method?” 
  • What is a qualified prospect and how to filter them. 
  • Why teaching is the new selling. 
  • The impact of the internet on sales agents and businesses. 
  • Contextual framing and why it’s important for the sales process. 
  • Advice for sales agents who have poor closing ratios. 
  • What is the Minimum Viable Sale? 
  • The biggest mistake sales professionals make.  

Key Takeaway: 

  • When you stop prospecting you don't feel the pain immediately, but it does catch up with you. 
  • There's not a lot of differentiation when it comes to different types of insurance other than price. 
  • Objections usually indicate they're not interested in making a decision right now.  

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