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Nov 28, 2017

Michael Jans is the Co-Founder of Agency Revolution, a digital marketing company that delivers technology and training to brokerages and independent insurance agencies for over twenty years. Their goal is to help businesses have a meaningful relationship with their consumers. Michael has consulted, trained, and coached with more than 11,000 agency principals with a diverse clientele from North and South America, Asia, Europe, and even Africa. His goal for Agency Revolution is not to make it the most aggressive digital marketing company, but the most trusted. 

Michael joins me today to share his insight on new and expanding ways businesses can connect with their consumers. He describes the effects of technology on advertising and sales and explains why having online content is not always considered digital marketing. He also shares tips on what type of material to produce as well as the topics old and new businesses can use to engage and retain consumers. 

“When you create content, it's really about them and not about you.” – Michael Jans   

Today on Spot  On  Insurance:  

  • Why today's insurance consumer has changed. 
  • The effect of technology on trends and people's behavior. 
  • What is content marketing and it differs from other forms of marketing? 
  • The marketing that works and doesn't work for their company. 
  • The ideal client that generates the most growth and highest margin. 
  • The form of content you can use to give value to the consumer. 
  • Topics you can use for your content to attract consumers.  

Key Takeaway: 

  • The ability to keep clients longer is very profitable. 
  • Marketing doesn't stop when you get a customer, that's just the beginning.  

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