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Dec 5, 2017

Brandie Hinen is a transformation coach and founder of Powerhouse Learning, a business that aims to help organizations rise to their very best through motivational coaching. What sets Powerhouse Learning apart from other coaching organizations is how they utilize both onsite and online tools to guarantee consistency and long-term behavioral change. She is an accomplished trainer, instructor, and considered an expert when it comes to motivating people in the workplace.  

In this episode, Brandie explains how her program, Conversation for Action, brings about a person’s best version. She cites how it affects the three types of people in the company and the essential points of focus in her program. She also defines what it means to commit and why it’s not the same as making a promise.  

“Our number one factor for success is how well we withstand and overcome adversity.” – Brandie Hinen   

Today on Spot  On  Insurance:  

  • What does "Conversation for Action" mean? 
  • How does Conversation for Action change culture, communication, and accountability? 
  • The three types of people in your organization. 
  • The Conversation for Action five step formula. 
  • The difference between promise and commitment.  
  • What prevents a company from fully implementing her program? 
  • Her formula for avoiding disappointment from her staff. 
  • Tips to implement the Conversation for Action process in your organization.  

Key Takeaway: 

  • We can't really manage time, but we can manage our energy. 
  • Every survey without fail has "communication" that is lacking in an organization. 
  • We need to plan for the failure. 

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