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Jan 2, 2018

Matt Aaron is the Co-Founder of Insurance Agent App, a service that provides excellent ways to improve agency-policyholder relationships through their user-friendly mobile applications. Their app, Insurance Agent, helps independent agencies to contain and engage clients throughout their coverage. Matt has over 20 years’ experience working in the television advertising and sales management industry, and has also co-founded the online and mobile game developer, Head Fake, back in 2008. 

Today, Matt explains how Insurance Agent helps agencies strengthen their relationships with their clients. He discusses the need to have an app in today’s smartphone-driven society, how apps can still be personal, and why banking companies won’t go anywhere without an app. He also shares why having an app can be just as good as having a customer service representative.  

“An application should streamline, for an agency, the business that they handle most of the time; both internal and external purposes.” – Matt Aaron  

Today on Spot  On  Insurance: 

  • What exactly is an app and how is it different from a mobile-responsive website? 
  • Why would you want to have a customer-facing app on your website? 
  • How could apps do more for agencies and clients? 
  • His thoughts on the lack of personal communication with apps. 
  • The important functions an app has to do really well. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Insurance is one of the largest advertising categories for search engines. 
  • No one today would join a bank without an app. 
  • Your app doesn't have to be perfect at launch, but it has to be continuously refined over time. 

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