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Sep 4, 2018

Pamela Quilici, Donna Percival, and Shanna Sweeney are the co-founders of Women of Wholesale, an association focused on women in the wholesale insurance industry. Pam is the COO at Crouse and Associates, an independent wholesale broker, and Chairman of Next Generation Committee, a group created by the Surplus Lines Association of California to specifically recruit younger people. Donna is a Sr. Business Development Manager of an excess and surplus specialty group. Shanna is the President of Women of Wholesale and a Specialty Excess Senior Underwriter for the Navigators Group, Inc., a global specialty insurance holding company.

Pam, Donna, And Shanna join us today to share what Women of Wholesale is about and its core message. They describe how they got started in the insurance industry and what inspired them to start the company. They explain the necessity for young professionals in the industry as well as some of their future projects.  They also provide sound advice to those who are fresh out of college and are considering a career in the insurance industry.

“Come in early, stay late. Don't be that person who just puts in enough. You get so much more back out of this industry when putting yourself into it.” - Pamela Quilici

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • What brought Pam, Shanna, and Danna into the insurance industry?
  • How they strived to be successful in their insurance careers.
  • The gap in the industry they want to fill through female empowerment.
  • What makes their industry different from the rest.
  • Their hiring process and why they target millennials.
  • How they intertwined philanthropy with their career.
  • What's in store for their company in the future?
  • Their advice to young professionals entering the insurance industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mentors act as a shortcut to get you to a higher level.
  • It's not about what is gifted to you, but what you do with that gift.
  • Take the work seriously. Put in the hours. Do the work. Invest in yourselves and diversify your skills.

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