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Oct 16, 2018

Jeff Arnold is the President for RightSure Insurance Group, providing for the interest of policy holders in 42 states. Jeff is the author of “The Art of the Insurance Deal”   Part of his life’s journey includes five years in the United States Army at the 45th Aviation Battalion (SPEC OPS). 

Jeff joins us on the podcast to share how he went from Special Ops in the Army to a standup comedian in California to working in the insurance industry.  He is an eloquent ambassador for the Industry.  He loves what he does and and encourages you to find your niche in the wonderful world of insurance.

“It (insurance) really is the industry that lets you satisfy so many longings, and can answer and provide solutions to so many dreams you have.” – Jeff Arnold

Today on SpotOn Insurance:

  • What is Jeff’s life story and his role at the 45th Aviation Battalion? 
  • How did Jeff overcome core obstacles? 
  • What was involved in his struggle to buy back his company? 
  • How does Jeff Arnold describe “risk transfer?”
  • A really good definition of insureTech?  
  • What is a “technology stack?”
  • How does Jeff help others that are interested in buying agencies? 
  • What advice does he have about mergers and acquisitions? 
  • His views on Insurance conferences and why he shies away from them, but still attends Insuretech conferences? 
  • What’s in the pipeline for Jeff?  
  • His advice for anyone entering into the insurance industry? 

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to careers, we pick our own challenges. 
  • Approach the insurance industry from multiple perspectives and learn the “pain points.” 
  • Success in any industry requires passion.

Connect with Jeff Arnold:

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