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Nov 21, 2017

Stefanie Cantu is a Supervisor at ILSA’s Licensing and Compliance Department. She got her start back in 2008 in ILSA’s Intake team where her impressive skills got her transferred to the Renewals team. She excelled in Renewals and became part of the Licensing team, a group she eventually supervised. She’s been with the company for over eight years and was given the Outstanding Customer Service award four times plus an Employee of the Year nomination in 2013. Her responsibilities include being the go-to person for complex questions on compliance, and knowing where to look or who to contact for answers she doesn’t have. 

Today, Stefanie shares her wisdom on three licenses: Producer, Adjuster, and Surplus lines. She explains the similarities and difference of each one, who should avail them, and some of their standard requirements. She also shares her insight on what it means to have the wrong license and common mistakes clients make when getting a license.  

“Having the wrong license is like having no license at all.” – Stefanie Cantu 

Today on Spot  On  Insurance:    

  • What a Producer license is and what it allow you to do. 
  • Who would need a Producer license? 
  • Where do you need to be licensed as a producer? 
  • What she says to those who say a producer license costs too much. 
  • Difference between adjuster license and producer license. 
  • The different types of adjuster license. 
  • What happens when you have the wrong license? 
  • Surplus lines licenses and the people who need them. 
  • Mistakes most people make when getting a license. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Having a producer license can increase your commission in a particular state. 
  • If there's any little chance you might want to do business in that state, it's best to weigh out your options and make sure you're covered and compliant across the board.  

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