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May 15, 2018

Ep.60: Licensing Risk Purchasing Groups

Traci Houston is a Licensing Specialist with Insurance Licensing Services of America (ILSA). She has extensive experience in licensing and renewals for agents, adjusters, brokers, surplus lines brokers, Risk Purchasing Groups (RPGs), MGAs, TPAs, and many more. While working full-time in the insurance industry, she worked her way through college to obtain her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Throughout the 12 years she has worked with ILSA, she has earned numerous awards for her excellent customer service, including the Employee of the Year.

Traci joins us today to share her career journey and first impression of the insurance industry, how she became a remote working professional within the industry, and the challenges she faced while building her career. She explains the difference between RPG and Risk Retention Groups, why obtaining your RPG license can often be a complex process, and the information most states require to receive approval. She also shares tips for new RPG groups applying for their license and explains how an RPG group can become registered and licensed in all states.

“If you are looking to be registered in all states, you need to give yourself some time because it is very time-consuming.” - Traci Houston

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • What is a Risk Purchasing Group?
  • How Risk Purchasing Groups differ from Risk Retention Groups.
  • The complexity of Risk Purchasing Group licensing.
  • What is required to obtain an RPG license?
  • What information is needed from RPG officers?
  • The most challenging state for an RPG approval.
  • Average state filing fees for RPG licensing.
  • Is it possible to license your RPG in all states?
  • Requirements for renewing your RPG license.
  • What to consider when applying for your RPG license.
  • The submittal process for RPG licenses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Always ask questions.
  • Always utilize the state employees.
  • Understand the statutes for each state you are applying to be licensed in before you move forward with your application.

Connect with Traci Houston:

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