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May 29, 2018

EP.62: From Stylekick to Shopify to Cover: Embracing Insurance Technology

Karn Saroya is the co-founder and CEO of COVER, a nationally licensed insurance brokerage and tech company that cooperates with over thirty insurance companies across the United States. They specialize in apps that allow their clients to get the most out of their insurance while also maintaining the best possible client experience. Before co-founding COVER, Karn co-founded Stylekick, a mobile e-commerce marketplace that let bloggers, designers, and other fashion influencers upload their lookbooks and make them shoppable.

Karn joins us today to discuss how COVER works, what makes them different from traditional brokers, and how they conduct business. He shares what made him enter the insurance industry as well as how he founded the company. He also explains the importance of always putting the customer’s needs first when it comes to claims and technological upgrades.

“Humans are still important. Technology just automates away all the tedious parts.” - Karn Saroya

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • His career before he founded COVER.
  • How Stylekick worked and how it connected with its users.
  • His bootstrapping days back in Toronto.
  • His new venture and how he brought new money into his endeavor.
  • How they help expedite the claim process.
  • How smartphones allowed their clients to participate in their projects.
  • What insurance companies should remember when it comes to ethics.
  • Regulatory hurdles he has faced and how he overcame them. 
  • What will happen to the traditional broker if they don't update themselves?
  • His advice to those who want to join the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • The customer should be at the center of every technological upgrade in a company.
  • Embrace technology to start the conversation with your client.
  • It's very rare you end up where you start, especially in technology.

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