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Mar 29, 2022

Rudi Steyn is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at CoTé Software & Solutions, a tech company that offers management SaaS solutions for all industries. Their main office is in Australia, but they also have offices in the US and Singapore. As CTO, Rudi sets the roadmap for its various services and assists in its Digital Customer Experience strategies. Rudi also endorses the latest service for agencies called AGENCYMATE. AGENCYMATE is a platform that serves as a virtual extension of an agency to provide various marketing and sales solutions.


Rudi joins us to discuss his role as CTO and how AGENCYMATE supports agencies, big or small. He shares what it was like  growing up in South Africa and the differences he noticed in lifestyles when he moved to Australia. He explains how he joined the insurance industry and how the pandemic made industries leap into a more digital future. Rudi also describes the changes we need to make regarding management styles and why hackers no longer target computers as much as they target people.

"Management style has to change. We should change our focus from management-based to outcome-based." - Rudi Steyn

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Growing up in South Africa
  • How sports taught Rudi how to work with different kinds of people
  • The differences between living in South Africa and Australia
  • Why Rudi pursued a career in insurance
  • Rudi's everyday responsibilities as a CTO
  • What AGILE and Scrum brought to the technology world
  • How Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) helps distribute the computational logic of the system
  • What Rudi classifies as a digital experience
  • Why hackers are now targeting humans over computers
  • Reinforcing a culture of cybersecurity in your organization
  • The experience clients can expect when using AGENCYMATE
  • What businesses should focus on following a pandemic
  • The driving factors behind The Great Resignation
  • How the pandemic demanded a change in management styles

Key Takeaways:

  • Not having the ability to fail fast, learn, and pivot is hampering a lot of organizations.
  • Everything has gotten faster and we're still time-poor as a collective.