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Jan 28, 2020

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Chris Greene is the President of Flood Insurance Guru. As the Flood Insurance Guru, Chris provides flood insurance options that a lot of people didn’t know existed. More than flood insurance services, he and his group also strive to bring flood awareness and education to the world through video. Chris also hosts the Flood Insurance Guru podcast as another means of educating and raising awareness about flood insurance options. 

Chris joins us to explain how flood insurance works, its areas of coverage, some of the specific terms used in policies, and how to determine if you should get coverage. He discusses how flood maps work and how changes can affect flood insurance coverage. He describes the type of situations that qualify people for flood insurance. Chris also shares how they grew as a company and his success tips for new professionals in the industry.

“The closer you are to the flooding risk, the higher your premiums are going to be.” - Chris Greene

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • How Chris started his business in flood insurance.
  • What it was like to grow up with a learning disability.
  • Defining flooding in the US and what flood insurance covers.
  • The only two situations that flood insurance pays out.
  • Determining people who need or are qualified to get flood insurance.
  • Why the government created the National Flood Insurance Program Forum.
  • Do you still need flood insurance after you sell the house?
  • How Flood Insurance Guru’s market their services to clients.
  • Chris’ success tips to those just entering the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Arizona has more floods than every other state in a given year.
  • Almost 50% of low flood zone risks borrowers think they're ineligible and can't buy flood insurance.

Resources Mentioned:

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