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Oct 13, 2020

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Tripp Wagner is the Director of Fire Forensics at Jensen Hughes, a company that provides safety, security, and risk-based consulting and engineering. He has over 16 years of experience in explosion and fire forensic investigations. Some of the duties he’s had with the company include investigation and analysis to pinpoint origin and cause of fire accidents and the technicalities in-between. Before becoming part of Jensen Hughes, Tripp spent 11 years as Deputy Fire Marshall of the State of Delaware.

Tripp joins us today to discuss why he’s always wanted a career involving fire and where his passion for the industry came from. He explains what Jensen Hughes does and how they investigate scenes and provide evidence in court. He shares how the pandemic has affected their response rate, especially with regards to fire accidents that happen inside people’s homes or apartments. He describes how 3D printing and virtual visits enabled them to work better despite the pandemic. Tripp also describes the kind of tech he wants to see built specifically for forensic engineering.

"PPE in our world before COVID was designed to protect us. Now, we’re like everybody else: PPE is designed to protect each other." - Tripp Wagner

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • The services Tripp's company offers regarding insurance and what they cover.
  • When Tripp found his passion involved the fire industry.
  • Common compounds that cause explosions and fires and how they influenced usage regulations.
  • Why it can be tricky to determine whether a fire claim is legitimate.
  • How the pandemic has affected the way they conduct on-site work.
  • The social changes Tripp expects to see post COVID-19.
  • Court procedures now in the time of the pandemic.
  • Why taking a video of a scene can be tricky, especially during a trial.
  • How 3D scanners have aided forensic engineering investigations.
  • The kind of tech Tripp wants to see in their industry in the next few years.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most disruptive thing the pandemic has done is delay every process in any job.
  • We will be more efficient as the year goes by, but we will not be going back to the days before.

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