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Apr 5, 2022

Brett Ashley McKenzie is the Senior Communications Manager at Foresight Commercial Insurance, the first InsurTech company specializing in commercial coverage with a focus on the middle market. Before signing with Foresight in 2021, Brett worked for John Kerry during his presidential run in 2004, as a contributing blogger to The Huffington Post, and managed Zurich North America’s Marketing, Social Media, and Media Relations. Brett is also the host of the High Tea with Monsters, Rebel Scum, and Vigilantes podcast, where she talks about her favorite TV shows.

Brett joins us to discuss the gender disparity in executive positions across the industry and the shift towards women in C-Suite positions. She describes her role at Foresight, her writing passion, and what it was like being John Kerry’s media booker. She explains how the term “InsurTech” will one day become an industry of its own and the importance of empowering women to step into leadership roles. Brett also shares the mental effects of being in an unhealthy work environment and how to tell if it’s time to resign.

"Tech itself is not a female-dominated space." - Brett Ashley McKenzie

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Where Brett grew up, her writing passion, and her favorite pizza
  • Brett's experience working on John Kerry's campaign
  • How Brett transitioned to working in insurance
  • What it's like going to an all-girl school growing up
  • Brett's role as Senior Communications Manager at Foresight
  • Differentiating InsurTech from the rest of the industry
  • Empowering women into more leadership roles
  • Instilling confidence in women to go for positions where they don't check all the boxes
  • Fighting gender discrimination and other forms of minority stereotypes
  • When you should consider resigning 
  • Brett's toy hobby, her collection, and her favorite shows

Key Takeaways:

  • Female-founded tech startups get less investments than male-founded startups.
  • Women should not expect themselves to act as men.
  • Mentorship is important in your career.

Resources Mentioned:

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