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Jan 1, 2019

Billy Williams is the founder and president of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Services, a company that specializes in insurance agent and small business coaching and mentoring. He and his company work with many top insurance agents and agencies as well as some of the world’s biggest companies and carriers. Billy’s extensive business leadership experience has made him a recognized expert speaker on topics such as growing a successful insurance agency, small business development, and minority business issues. 

Billy joins us to share his wisdom on what separates a good leader from a great leader. He shares his time in the military, his first experience with wealth, and the day he founded his company. He describes the way he led his business when it was starting out and the technologies he’s applied since. He also discusses some of the aspects of the business that are rarely discussed such as how emotions affect the way we handle problems and solutions.

“We can’t be average. We have to be above average in all that we do.” - Billy Williams

Today on Spot On Insurance:

  • Billy's life story, his time in the military, and how he became a successful business owner.
  • The moment he learned the difference between income and wealth.
  • What made him choose a career in insurance?
  • His first agency investments and why he chose to invest in them.
  • The challenges he faced and how he overcame them.
  • His thoughts on why insurance agencies fail.
  • What’s in the pipeline in 2019 for the insurance industry?
  • His inspiration in developing their own CRM and why he doesn't want agencies to buy it.
  • How his children influenced him to develop the technologies his company has.

Key Takeaways:

  • A process is nothing more than a business habit. That's all it is.
  • Once you acquired a property, you have to maintain it, manage it, grow it, and you have to know the financial aspect of it. The acquisition is only half the job.
  • A person will work much harder to keep something they already have than to get something they never had.
  • Emotions magnify the intensity of both our problems and solutions.

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